Learning is a never-ending process – be it for creative writing or any other profession. Great ideas are around you, wrapping you from close but you need to go through them. 

Yes, I am talking about the Internet! Read as much as you can. Learn how do writers write exceptionally creative content.

Read the most from your niche but do not neglect other niches also. It is because you may learn techniques and content ideas from relevant blogs but random reading make you creative. Uniqueness is much needed for becoming a successful freelance writer.

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Write what is Needed

Many articles on the web have no worth and the straight cause of it is – they stretch content too much without requirement or they don’t say what they have promised (telling 5 benefits while the title says 10).

It is required to keep it precise and interesting. People do not have time to read useless content. Write what they want as readers are your consumers and you can’t leave them unsatisfied.

Write. Write. Write

how do writers write

How Do Writers Write

Practice makes a man perfect. If you want to be a good freelance writer, practice your profession i.e. write a lot. Pen down your mind, whatever comes out of it (not for your client).

Creativity is developed from the experiences and thoughts if you are not thinking, you cannot get better. Writing only on research basis never creates unique content. Mix the research and creativity, be funny if needed and allowed.

Go out and Explore

This idea may sound strange but exploring the world will give amazing power to your words. What people are doing, what they say, any accident – everything contributes and reflects in your writing.

Most importantly, it lets your brain function freely, without creating the pressure of completing assignments.

Write Fast

Another weird idea but it is how our brain works and it is very useful in my case. I may explore the web, research about my project and write at the same time. It may take hours for me to prepare a single article.

You don’t need to avoid grammatical mistakes. There is a very popular chrome extension Grammarly which will do the work for you.

But when I research, make rough layout and close all the reference content, it suddenly allows me to write my best article very quickly.

The reason is simple. Your brain doesn’t like distractions. So first research well and then start. The mind works much faster than our hands (just as processor and printer concept) and hence good copies are normally written when you are fast.

Read your own Content

Reading your own write-ups will tell you about the flaws as you are analysing as a reader this time. Note down yor mistakes. Think about how can it be improved? What is not making sense? What effort may make this write up better?
Spending few minutes in it will enhance your writing skills for sure.


From my point of view, if you are writing the same kind of content always – copywriting is not for you. As you have opportunities, try the clients, niches (not totally out of the world).

Another benefit of experimenting is – you will earn more as a copywriter. Working at low rates for your oldest and favorite client may build your reputation but neither has it built skills nor does it bring the money. So, stop fearing about your ratings and write with “I can do anything” feeling. Trust me, you can!!

SEO and Tools

You may be a grammar geek but cannot always write error-free so trying proofreading and automated grammar checks to make a perfect piece of content.

For SEO, better is to keep keywords naturally occurring in the content and get them planned before you start writing.

Finally, run some plagiarism test to confirm the uniqueness of the content as you cannot deliver plagiarised content to your customers.

Where may I find the Freelance Writing Work?

The Internet has everything for you – even the earning methods and a whole lot work. For becoming a freelance writer, better is to head towards some freelance website like Fiverr,  Iwriter and polish the skill along with continual earning.

Remember one thing, hard work pays and failures teach so don’t get discourage by early obstacles!

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